• If you’re griefed
    • Tell active players
    • Post in the REPORT A CRIME forums
      • providing specific information (location, severity, screenshots ect..) helps a lot
    • Quickly repair minor grief
    • Capture screenshots (F2)
  • Rollbacks
    • Occasional area/variable rollbacks:
      • Approx. 100 blocks from any wilderness warp
      • All creative plots can be rolledback if left incomplete in 6 Months
      • Rollbacks will occur randomly
      • No lost buildings or items can be saved
    • Occasional world rollbacks:
      • Nether
      • Endworld
      • Mining World
  • The terraleet in-game /rules
    • Rules:
      • [1] No grief/theft.
        • First Offense: Jail
        • Second Offense: Ban
      • [2] Be ethical.
        • First Offense: Kick
        • Second Offense: Jail
      • [3] No mods/exploits.
        • First Offense: Jail
        • Second Offense: Ban
      • eth·i·cal – Of or relating to moral principles, morally correct.
    • In-game rules enforcement disclaimer:
      • Rules will be enforced without discrimination of any kind; age, race, gender, donor status, in-game rank, ect…
      • View in-game /rules 2 for basic guidelines for acceptable in-game behavior.
      • Rules are enforced to promote a healthy experience for all players.
  • Chat channels
    • /ch hc
      • Help chat – Ask active players a question
    • /ch $
      • Propose a sale and ask to buy to exchange goods
    • /ch rc
      • Advertise jobs, recruit for towns, look for build partners
    • /ch gc
      • Global chat – use sparingly
    • /ch lc
      • Local chat – only those within approx. 100 blocks can see the text you type
    • /ch sc
      • Social chat – For anything you wish to socialize about (you can leave chat at anytime /ch leave sc)



Because we are trying to create the best possible experience 
for all players these general time-based town rules have been 
  • Town Ettiquite
    • Towns who don’t upkeep town area to be cleanly, presentable and impressionable will be flagged as a private town. (Only town members can spawn there)
    • Inactive towns (more than 5 months) will also be flagged as a private town.
    • If you are the Mayor of a town and are inactive for over 5 months and the town still has active assistants admins may choose to make one of them the new Mayor and give them complete control over the town.
  • Share our vision
    • Towns are competitive from mayor vs mayor – Use creativity and innovation to fuel that competition – not hostility or animosity.
    • Remember rule # 2 – Be Ethical.
    • READ the Towny Ethics guide. If you are a mayor this is a MUST.

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